Topic outline

  • Daily Activities: (Click on the links to bring up copies of assignments and handouts for printing!)

    1. Monday, Nov. 23

    - Course Outline Package discussed - see link above
    - Terminology notes begun...

    2. Tuesday, Nov. 24
    - Terms continued
    - Informal Initial Composition done in class today - simply a bit of your writing handed in - give me two pages on something that is on your mind these days!  (Yes, you may make it a rant if necessary!)

    3. Wednesday, Nov. 25
    - Terms notes completed today
    - Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling review discussed

    4. Thursday, Nov. 26
    - Shakespeare introduction - the first half of the Reduced Shakespeare Company's "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)" viewed on YouTube!
    - Shakespeare translation exercise
    - Hamlet begun!

    5. Friday, Nov. 26
    - The Canoe, a documentary from the Destination Ontario YouTube channel, viewed and notes taken on the notes page, ready for our first essay starting on Monday.
    - Hamlet, Act 1 continued.

    6. Monday, Nov. 30
    - The Canoe essay planning done today, ready for the first draft tomorrow
    - Hamlet,  Act 1 continued

    7. Tuesday, Dec. 1
    - Canoe essay rough draft begun - have finished for tomorrow's editing session!
    - Hamlet, Act 1 continued up to Sc. 5

    8. Wednesday, Dec. 2
    - Canoe editing done today - will begin the good draft tomorrow
    - Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5 read today!

    9. Thursday, Dec. 3
    - The Canoe essay good draft done in class today, although if you ran out of time, I will accept it first thing tomorrow as well...

    10. Friday, Dec. 4
    - Remaining Canoe essays handed in today!
    - Act 1 of Hamlet watched, and then Act 2 begun

    11. Monday, Dec. 7
    - Finding Forrester Film Study begun today - film watched, and notes taken in the notes package

    12. Tuesday, Dec. 8
    - FF Plot and Character Traits discussions today
    - Hamlet continued - we're up to the end of Act 2.

    13. Wednesday, Dec. 9
    - FF Character Traits and Conflicts discussed
    - Hamlet - Act 2 watched, and then on to Act 3!

    14. Thursday, Dec. 10
    - FF Conflicts and Symbols discussed
    - Hamlet - the play-within-the-play of Act 3 done today!

    15. Friday, Dec. 11
    - FF Themes and Essay Topics looked at today - it would be a good idea to have your essay topic chosen and have had some thoughts about it by Monday...
    - Hamlet Act 3 finished today
    - Note to those of you at home - I plan to spend most of Monday and Tuesday on the essay, then on Wednesday we'll be talking to Mrs. Woolgar about the Novel Study (which will be due in January, but you'll have to read the book over Christmas Break), and then completing the essay by the end of Thursday's class.  See the Novel Study package link at the top of the page.

    16. Monday, Dec. 14
    - Finding Forrester essay planning and drafting - rough draft should be well along by tomorrow...  (We're going to leave Hamlet where he is until after the Break.)

    17. Tuesday, Dec. 15
    - FF essay drafting continued - the rough draft should be finished and ready for editing tomorrow!
    - Mrs. Woolgar requested that we go for our Novel Study Booktalks, so we did that today, instead of tomorrow as originally planned.  The Novel Study Package is due by Friday, January 29th.

    18. Wednesday, Dec. 16
    - Interim Marks discussion - since we technically only have your Canoe essay on the books at the moment, your current score is an average of your Canoe essay Standard grades - see your Course Outline package for what percentages the the Standard assessments correspond to.  (Come and see me or email me if you are unsure.)
    - Essay Editing Day!  We used the Essay Editing Form to go over our drafts and begin polishing up the good draft - the essay is due by the end of Friday's class!

    19. Thursday, Dec. 17
    - Essay good draft polishing and completing - and perhaps handing in.  (Those of you at home - remember that you need to email me your essay by noon tomorrow!)
    - Get going on your Novel Study reading when you're finished your essay.

    20. Friday, Dec. 18
    - Final day for the Finding Forrester essay - it needs to be submitted by the end of class.
    - It would be a good idea to do the majority of your Novel Study reading over the Break...
    - Have a great Christmas, and I hope to see us all back together in January.

    21. Monday, Jan. 4
    - Hamlet Act 3 video-recapped, and then we began Act 4
    - We discussed the Camino de Santiago notes package, which will be based on 3 documentaries we will be seeing - will begin tomorrow
    - Keep going on your Novel Study!

    22. Tuesday, Jan. 5
    - Camino film #1 The Way watched today - notes taken during class, but we will recap them tomorrow

    23. Wednesday, Jan. 6
    The Way notes debriefed, and Hamlet Act 4, scenes 5 & 6 read - Ophelia is crazy, Laertes is furious, and Hamlet has escaped with the pirates!

    24. Thursday, Jan. 7
    - Today we watched Six Ways To Santiago, and will discuss the experiences of all the people tomorrow!  (Today is a short day due to the Parent-Teacher Zooms this evening...)

    25. Friday, Jan. 8
    - Six Ways debrief today - we talked about why each person/group went on their caminos, and then what they discovered during their time on the road.
    - Hamlet Act 4, scene 7 finished today - lots of sadness for Laertes, though Claudius is glad he's there to be manipulated!

    26. Monday, Jan. 11
    - We watched the final Camino documentary, Youtuber Hank Leukart's The Camino de Santiago - To the End of the World, and discussed its impact on him.  We then began brainstorming for the Camino essay - the topic is at the bottom of the first page of the package.
    - We video-recapped Act 4 of Hamlet in readiness for reading Act 5.

    27. Tuesday, Jan. 12
    - Camino essay drafting Day 1 - will be due at the end of class tomorrow...

    28. Wednesday, Jan. 13
    - Camino essay drafting Day 2 - essay due at the end of class today.
    - Novel Study work when you're finished - make sure it is moving forward!

    29. Thursday, Jan. 14
    - Hamlet, Act 5 read and acted today - the passionate and tragic ending!

    30. Friday, Jan. 15
    - Hamlet film ending watched
    - Rest of the class given over to Novel Study work - due in 2 weeks!

    31. Monday, Jan. 18
    - The Reduced Shakespeare Company's version of Hamlet viewed, and the Analysis Package begun

    32. Tuesday, Jan. 19
    - The Character section of the Analysis Package was completed today, and then we looked at the Conflicts

    33. Wednesday, Jan. 20
    - Conflicts completed today, and then we looked at Symbols - some excellent suggestions!

    34. Thursday, Jan. 21