Topic outline

  • How To Hand In A Drama Challenge:

    REMEMBER: You can do as many or as few of these challenges as you want (do at least one, please!), in whatever order you want, at whatever pace works for you. This is CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE Drama.

    1) Your performances will come in a wide variety of forms, and you’ll have some options to choose from. You might have a video recording, an audio recording, a piece of writing, or a drawing to share.

    2) Writing and images are the easiest to hand in - simply email them to me at

    3) Audio recordings can also be emailed in, just attach the file to the email.

    4) Small video recordings can also be emailed in, as long as your email provider allows you to send files and it isn’t too large.

    5) If your video file is too large to email, you will have to host it somewhere, and share that link with me. Google Drive should work best (send me an email if you need help with that!)

    6) If you upload any videos to YouTube, please ensure they are PRIVATE and that only you and those you share the link with can view them. In general, this should be a last resort option.

    7) Please do not share links to any social media sites. I will not look at them!

    8) Everything you hand in must be SCHOOL APPROPRIATE! No inappropriate content, language, or humour, please.

    9) Take as many steps to protect your identity as you are comfortable with. For instance, you don’t need to show your face on camera if you do not want to! Find something that works for you!

    10) All the challenges are intentionally vague and open-ended, as I want you to be creative. But if you need any clarification, or just want me to suggest a solid idea, please don’t hesitate to ask! I will be available through email to help every day.

    11) Make sure to have fun! This is meant to be a challenge, not a chore!

  • OPTIONAL: Weekly Zoom Chats For Fun And Games

    If you're looking to socialize with your classmates and engage in some good ol' fashioned fun, you have the option to join us once per week for a Zoom chat. 

    Invites will be posted here weekly, and emailed out to you. Right now, the scheduled weekly time is:

    Thursdays at 12:30pm-2pm

    • Dramatic Readings

      Film or audio record yourself performing a dramatic reading from one of the following sources:

      1) A script for a play/TV show/film

      2) A children’s book or small section of a novel

      3) A poem

      4) The lyrics to a song

      5) A funny advertisement

      6) Your own creation

      • Monologues

        Film or audio record yourself performing a monologue from one of the following sources:

        1) A film

        2) A tv show

        3) A book

        4) A script from a previous play

        5) A video game

        6) Your own creation

        • Script-Writing

          Write a short script for one or more characters. Can be about anything, really, but here are some ideas!

          1) A dramatic duologue about social distancing (work with a partner!)

          2) A sketch comedy piece about life without school

          3) A ridiculous advertisement for a product or service

          4) A public safety announcement about something that doesn’t really need a PSA

          5) A fan fiction from your favourite franchise

          6) An alternate version of how a film, TV show, or video game SHOULD have ended


          • Documentary Filmmaking

            Film or audio record yourself in a documentary/mockumentary style, documenting something from within your home, like:

            1) A David Attenborough-style day in the life of your pet

            2) A “Cribs”-style tour

            3) Teaching us how something works

            4) Your favourite childhood items

            5) All the chores you can do in one day (parents requested this one!)

            6) Your daily routine in the quarantine

            • Poster Creation and Marketing

              Use your artistic skills (digital is okay!) to create a poster promoting one of the following things:

              1) A play you had hoped to do this year

              2) A play we have done in the past

              3) A club or group at the school that you miss

              4) Your favourite entertainment franchise/property

              5) Your favourite Drama game or activity (bus stop, anyone?)

              6) A welcome back message for when we return to school (to be posted in the Drama Room!)

              • Live Journal/Diary From Within Self-Isolation

                You are currently living through what we hope is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you should be documenting it for future reference! Create a series of journal or diary entries in one of the following formats to record what it was like to be alive during such a strange time! Share your thoughts, emotions, fears, hopes, and anything else you think is important to note.

                Possible formats:

                1) Video (like the video logs in ‘Avatar’)

                2) Audio (like the Captain’s Log in ‘Star Trek’)

                3) Written (like a regular ol’ diary!)

                4) Visual (draw your feelings!)

                • Dance

                  Use the space you have available to choreograph a solo dance routine, and record it (or just describe it in writing!) Some thematic ideas include:

                  1) An interpretive dance about current events

                  2) A dance choreographed to one of your favourite songs

                  3) Learn a popular dance from social media (TikTok?) and reproduce it

                  4) Recreate one of your favourite music videos

                  5) Collaborate with a friend for a long-distance dance-off

                  6) Dance using your hands only (See “Daft Hands”)

                  • Dress-Up and Fashion

                    Use the clothes and props you have available in your own home to create an outfit or cosplay, which you can either film, take pictures of, or draw a design of on paper. Some ideas include:

                    1) A character from your favourite film/tv show/video game/book

                    2) A character you have played (or will play) in a school production

                    3) A famous historical figure                                                      

                    4) A outfit based around a theme (like Summer or Steampunk)

                    5) A way-too-early Halloween costume

                    • Musical Interlude

                      Use your musical talents to put together and record a scintillating performance, in one of the following formats:

                      1) Sing acapella with no musical accompaniment

                      2) Sing “karaoke-style” with some backing music

                      3) Sing along to a song with backing music and singing

                      4) Play an instrumental track with your instrument of choice

                      5) Sing AND play an instrument at the same time (tricky!)

                      6) Lay down a beat and rap

                      7) Write your own song and perform it (highly impressive!)

                      • Live-Action Film

                        Use your phone or another recording device to create a live-action film starring you, within your own house. Some fun ideas include:

                        1) A shaky-cam, horror film (a la ‘Blair Witch Project’)

                        2) A recreation of a scene from your favourite tv show/movie/play

                        3) An action sequence using clever editing or film-cuts

                        4) A silent film (insert words using a film editor or by just holding paper in front of camera)

                        5) An overly dramatic version of a mundane activity, like doing the dishes

                        6) A magic show, using clever editing to pull off the tricks

                        7) Your own stand-up comedy routine!

                        • Voice-Acting (Live!)

                          If you’re not comfortable putting yourself on camera, but still want to do some live-action filming, consider this option! You can act out scenes using inanimate objects and provide the voiceover yourself as you film. Some objects could include:

                          1) Puppets (if you’ve got them)

                          2) Action figures or dolls

                          3) Cardboard figures of your own creation

                          4) Ordinary household objects, like cutlery and furniture

                          5) Your hands

                          6) Something that you have animated (if you’ve got the skills and patience!)

                          • News Broadcast

                            Create your own news broadcast in which you are the anchor behind the desk or the roving reporter, on one of the following subjects:

                            1) A positive, happy story to brighten our spirits

                            2) A highlight of a person or place that is helping out during the pandemic

                            3) A local business that has had to adapt to keep serving the public

                            4) What you can see happening from your window

                            5) A “sports” report based on what’s happening in your video game

                            6) Anything else you think is worthy of your coverage!

                            • Set Design

                              Some students will be glad to hear that we won’t have to build any sets this year, but others will be disappointed! There’s no reason we can’t get a head-start on next year’s sets, however, by doing some design in the home:

                              1) Draw up a stage blueprint for how you would like to construct a set next year

                              2) Design a clever way to build a difficult set piece, like a door or window, with the materials you know we have available

                              3) Draw or paint the sort of background you might like to transfer onto a flat canvas

                              4) Using the basic measurements of the Drama Room in the new school, crunch the numbers on how much space we will have for sets next year

                              5) Design a minimalist set that does not require a lot of materials or space (because we might need exactly that soon!)

                              6) Build or design a prop that could be used in a play. Be creative!

                              • Game Creation

                                We will still try our best to play some Drama games over Zoom, but it just won’t be the same. That’s where you can come in, by designing some new games for the era of social distancing, like:

                                1) Invent a new game that can be played over Zoom or something similar

                                2) Create a game that can be played over email and over a longer period of time (like phone-tag for the modern age)

                                3) Adapt an old favourite game to be played over distance

                                4) Create a brand-new game for us to play when we’re all able to go back into the school

                                5) Find a fun long-distance game that someone has already made on the internet, and adapt it for Drama

                                • Reviews and Reactions!

                                  The biggest thing on the web these days are reviews and reaction videos, so why not take this opportunity to make your own? You can film, audio record, or write down your review or reaction to any of the following things:

                                  1) A TV show or movie

                                  2) A food item or meal

                                  3) Your online classes (as long as you’re polite)

                                  4) A book you’ve been reading

                                  5) A video game you’ve been playing

                                  6) Your friends’ creative creations, if they share them with you

                                  7) Anything else appropriate that you can think of!

                                  • How-To Videos

                                    Another popular type of video on YouTube are “How-Tos” that teach the viewer how to do a difficult task. Tap into your own expertise and create a video or audio tutorial that teaches your audience how to:

                                    1) Play a certain Drama game

                                    2) Learn a new skill

                                    3) Complete a difficult chore or cleaning task

                                    4) Operate a tricky piece of technology

                                    5) Build something

                                    6) Fix something that is broken

                                    7) Cook something

                                    • Collaboration

                                      If you’re able to coordinate with a classmate or two over phone or email, why not take on a challenge together?

                                      1) Perform a short duologue or scene over Zoom

                                      2) Host an Improv game over email or Zoom

                                      3) Conduct a role-playing activity, like Dungeons and Dragons or something similar through the web

                                      4) Have a Great Canadian Bake-Off! Or some other form of competitive cooking

                                      5) Perform a long-distance duet

                                      • Your Own Invention

                                        1) Do something so creative that even I couldn’t think of it!

                                        (Just check with me first!)

                                        • Curriculum And Learning Goals

                                          Just wanted to include a quick note about the course curriculum and the "big picture ideas" we will be trying to achieve through this modified course. 

                                          They are:

                                          -Drama communicates ideas, emotions, and perspectives through movement, sound, imagery, and language. 
                                          -Active participation in drama creates personal and cultural connections and reveals insights into human experience.
                                          -Drama offers dynamic ways of exploring our identity and sense of belonging.
                                          -Growth as an artist requires active engagement, risk taking, and reflection.
                                          -Drama cultivates collaboration through critical reflection, creative co-operation, and the exchange of ideas.

                                          More information can be found here: