Topic outline

  • e-Learning: Welcome back!

    Hey everyone!

    Well - the class certainly has taken a turn - hasn't it.  Things are definitely going to look a lot different since we cannot be out in the community helping and planning. 

    Take 16: Many of the items we can no longer complete. Therefore - new criteria is to complete at least three of the items.  Many of you already have this completed. If you have AWESOME! Otherwise - get cracking! Take a look at the assignment to see what you can write on. The following items many should have written on, or can write on to complete their Take 16

    • poster creation write up
    • event planning write up
    • ice-breaker/warm up
    • famous leader (required - a few of you still owe me this!): 500 words -

      Identify a leader (historical or present day) that you admire and explain what characteristics, values and traits you see in this leader that help them to be effective?

    Please ensure you all are checking your emails to stay updated on when new assignments are being uploaded to Moodle and due dates.

    Progress reports will be emailed soon to remind students who have outstanding assignments from prior to the break - they are still due!

    Good luck everyone - we'll get through this together!

    Wash your hands!

  • Show your Colours

    To ease us into our e-Learning journey:

    Welcome to a global pandemic.  It is stressful, scary, and everything is uncertain. But all of us are in it together.  We can draw strength and comfort from each other.  

    Show your leadership colours.  You can do this is many different ways.  Email me a picture ( of you completing one of the following tasks:

    a) Take part in the "Hearts of PG" movement that is spreading around the world.  With guardian permission - add hearts to your window. Get creative! Some people have created beautiful designs with multiple hearts in differing colours.

    b) Identify who/what "essential workers" are - maybe you are one, or your guardians!! Create a Thank You poster for these individuals.

    c) Got another idea - email me!

    You will have from April 14 - April 17 to complete the challenge and email me a picture for evidence!  

    Have fun - get creative!

    Miss you all!

  • Earth Week 2020

    Hey all! 

    First of all - AMAZING work on your Show Your Colours challenge! I received letters, videos, and pictures that definitely got me misty eyed! They were heart felt and warm. Just amazing<3 if you haven’t sent in your submission yet for last week, please do so ASAP of I’ll be contacting you this week!

    This week is Earth Week (Earth Day is Wednesday, April 20). How can we show the Earth some love?

    This week I challenge you to do something for Earth Day. 

    You can:

    • Take a walk in the glorious sunshine and pick up garbage (if you have gloves, and maintain social distancing!)
    • Create an informative poster promoting Earth Day (What, Why - use colours!), recycling, Fridays for Future, etc
    • Start some seeds indoors if you have the equipment (too early and cold for outside planting yet!)
    • On Earth Day, LEGO builders around the world will have a special #LetsBuildTogether challenge developed with NASA. Participate if you have LEGO!

    Get creative - have fun! Remember to be safe when doing anything and follow Dr. Henry’s advice ;)

    When you’ve completed the challenge email me photographic evidence!

    Until me meet again!

    You will have April 20-24 to do this challenge!

  • Project Joy

    Hello All! Once again I commend you for your amazing work last week! 

    This new challenge will take TWO weeks. This is a challenge that will help you to explore the little things in your life that you find happiness and joy in. 

    You will have until MAY 7 to create 7-10 photo-a-day entries. The photo should be of something you found joy in that day, or something you’re grateful for that day. The writing piece of each day should be NO MORE than 3 sentences. 

    If you can, use Microsoft Word, add your photos with your entry beside it. That way, it’s all in one easy document. 

    Remember that you only need 7-10 entries. There may be some days that you’re not feeling it, that you have loads to do. Maybe you’re just not finding joy that day. That’s okay. But this small assignment might be what you need that day. Finding happiness in darkness or loneliness is a challenge - but the small things, the slightest sliver of light - can help us in our journey. 

    Have fun all - I wish you happiness!

    • Random Act of Kindness

      Hello again all!

      Thank you for your Project Joy assignments! Every time I opened my email - a smile came to my face!

      This week's challenge is a Random Act of Kindness (some of you did them in last week's challenge!)

      • bake cookies for a neighbour or friend
      • do all the laundry without being asked (includes folding and putting away properly!)
      • draw/paint something for another person
      • so many possibilities - google!

      I know it's weird for me to ask you to send in a picture of you doing a Random Act of Kindness - it goes against what it stands for (doing something kind for another person without expecting something back). 

      Assignment due May 19

       Have fun!

      • Final Project

        We're nearing the end of the course. You all continue to blow me away with your kindness, creativity, and generousity.  

        Thank you for everything you have done over the semester - you're all incredible humans.

        This is your final project - it will be due JUNE 12.  It will consist of you putting yourself in someone else's shoes to try to figure out "What would they do?"

        I look forward to seeing what you come up with!