Topic outline

  • General

  • Trip Planning

    Design a Trip Plan for a 4 day Canoe trip on Murtle Lake (Wells Gray Park) BC

    TASK 1: Plan a Canoe Route for Murtle Lake using Google Earth – image to be submitted to Moodle. Use URL link to access Google Earth

    TASK 2: Fill out BC`s Trip Plan form for Outdoor Survival (Designed by Search and Rescue Volunteers) - See Assignment attachment and URL links to guide trip plan criteria

    TASK 3: Create a gear list and meal plan (for yourself)

    TASK 4: Prepare a power point fulfilling the Who, What, When, Where, How`s of the Trip

    TASK 5: ZOOM class conference:  students share their power points on May 20 and 27

  • St Johns First Aid

    Complete powerpoint review (will be uploaded on Wed April 29).

    When you are ready I will send you the exam to complete